Thursday, March 30, 2006

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Just read a post of Daniel's and he said he had gotten a few calls, but they hang up as soon as they find out "---" . Thought I might add some helpful hints gleaned from other agents, and experts over the years.
1. Be prepared for the phone call. Always at least have a note pad you can get to. (This is the one I am guilty of not following)
2. Answer the call with a smile on your face and an uplifting voice.
3. You have a set agenda for this call. Write out what you want to know, if you are not good at winging it. Like, "What are you looking for?"
4. You do not wrestle the call from them, but you ask the questions. Like "This house has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, is that enough room for your family?' or....."This is a small acreage. What are you looking to do in the country? Do you just want privacy or are you planning to have horses or cattle?
5. Write down their answers.
6. Don't be afraid to tell them that what they called in on is not going to work for them.....but, be sure to give alternatives that may. "I think this may be too far out of the city for you, would you like me to see what else is out there?" or, "This does not sound like it would work for what you are looking for, but there is one I saw last week that might---Would you like me to e-mail you that information, or if you can hang on a bit longer, I will pull it up on the computer. I will have to put you on hold a minute tho. Just in case I loose you in the never never land of "hold" what is your number?
7. Ask for their name and number and e-mail after you have found out what they are looking for.
8. If they are just in the beginning process of looking, treat them like JL customers. .....Give them the chance for the automatic feed. Put on drip campaign and keep in contact.
9. If they are investors or are looking for the impossible, put them in your "book" and then call them when what they want pops up on the MLS or in your inventory.
10. Ask if they are working with another agent at this time? Tell them the advantage of working with just one agent to find them the best property for them (you can do this).
11. Try to avoid a few phrases which turn people off. Like: "you will have to" or "I can't do that" or "that just does not exist" . THEY do not HAVE TO do anything. YOU can at least CHECK ON IT. and, yes, IT DOES EXIST. ... Maybe not where you are but somewhere.
12. If they are ready willing and able buyers, close for the appointment. Then, find them a house.
If you go with the attitude that your job is to help these people get what they want and need, no matter what they call in on, you will find that you can turn those phone calls about your listings into buyers who will buy. Ruth
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