Sunday, April 23, 2006

5 Things Mega Producers Do Every Day That You Probably Don't
by Rich Levin

Doug Doebler will earn a seven figure personal income this year. I started coaching Doug three years ago when he was earning mid five figures.
Cathy McWilliams is the number one agent in her company. She sold one hundred and fifteen homes last year. My work with her began seven years ago when she sold nine homes.

What do Cathy and Doug do every day that you don't? What are the key things that all highly successful Agents do every day, that you are not doing?

First, they are conscientious with lead follow up. Average agents are often very concerned with generating more leads, yet they lose many of the leads that come to them.

Highly successful agents know how many listings and sales they need each month to reach their goals. They focus and follow up on enough leads to achieve those goals.

This is a subtle point. Notice that I do not say they follow up on all their leads. Highly successful agents know how much business they need to reach their goals. Once they know they have enough in their pipeline they focus on Service, Marketing, Managing their business and Enjoying their life.

We coach agents to set aside an hour a day, three days a week to follow up and manage their leads. We call it your Power Hours. One of my coaching clients, Connie Holovics, in Buffalo, New York named it Power Hours because it gives her back her power.

Putting these three Power Hours on your calendar, showing up, and using the time to manage and call your leads, is the first thing you may not do that more productive agents are doing.

The second habit that the best agents do that you may not, is that they are conscientious on service.

Do you speak to each of your listed seller's each week?
Do you speak to each of your pending seller and buyer clients each week?
Do you speak to your hottest few buyers every day and your less urgent buyers each week, in addition to their automated receipt of new listing?

Highly successful agents always agree with our belief that, "There is more business in good service than in most forms of good prospecting."

So we coach our clients to set aside one hour a week to call your listed sellers; call your pending clients; and update your active buyers. We call this your Service Hour.

Occasionally, we get the comment that there is no time to schedule this additional Service Hour in your already busy days. That is dangerous thinking.
That thinking costs you business, peace of mind, and makes every phase of every transaction more difficult for you.

Holly Creek ($52,000,000 in 2004) said, "Rich, you have shown me how to shift my service from a minus three to a ten plus. My day was full of problem calls. Now I have the time to be proactive. My clients and I are happier."
Many agents comment that their clients are in the habit of calling all the time and nothing will prevent it.

The reason they call all the time is that they don't know when (or if) you will call. They don't know if they can depend on you.

As you build the Service Hour habit you train your clients to expect your call at that time. If you are true to your word and you make the calls when you say you will, you'll soon discover that your clients appreciate your dependability and you recapture a lot of time...and life.

By the way, of the two habits, your three Power Hours and your Service Hour each week, implementing your Service Hour is more important.

Most important is the fifth day of the week. I call it your Leadership Hour. This is one scheduled hour each week that you step out of working in your business for an hour and you work on your business.

During this Leadership Hour you look at you numbers, your appointments, your sales and listings. How did you do this week? How are you doing this month and year to date? Where are you in relation to your goals? What marketing campaign is next? What service system needs to be established? Are your presentations working or do they need work?

This one hour soon becomes the driving force for your business. For our coaching clients, that is their coaching hour and when their coaching agreement is complete I teach them to apply the same coaching practices for themselves during this leadership hour. Those that do this find that their business continues to grow and their quality of life continues to improve.

The final thing that highly successful agents do that you may not is a Success Habit. It is not scheduled, like those above. It is a mental and emotional habit. It is this.

When something goes wrong they get past it quickly and get back into action toward their goals. They have a habit that I break into four steps.
They acknowledge the error (whether it is their error or someone else's). They forgive themselves. They re-commit to their goals. And they get back into action.

Lesser agents allow errors, theirs and other's errors to slow them down for hours, even days.

Highly successful agents are just as bothered by errors, perhaps more so. But, they learn to quickly get past their thoughts and feeling and get back into action.

That's it. In summary, here is what Mega Producers do for one hour each :

They are conscientious on Lead Follow-up - your Power Hours.
They are conscientious on Service - your Service Hour.
They take scheduled time to stop working in their business and work on it - your Leadership Hour.

When they err, they quickly get past it and back on track.
Be patient with yourself. Yet, be persistent in putting these habits into place and you are on your way to a very high levels of production and a life of greater control and happiness.

Dee Nott
Fayetteville NC

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